Is Outsourcing Your Online Marketing a Sensible Strategy?

In times of economic uncertainty and for businesses that cannot afford to maintain unnecessary fixed operating costs, outsourcing any non-essential tasks is a significant way of reducing costs whilst maintaining standards. But is outsourcing a good idea for you?

Most businesses are busy enough with their essential daily operations without the issue of their online marketing to deal with. By outsourcing their online marketing, businesses could focus on the things that they are best at. Doing your own online marketing costs time and money. When you outsource, your company gains the high quality and expertise you need without the drain on your current resources.

By outsourcing their online marketing, companies can cut costs without cutting corners. Outsourcing your online marketing allows you to maintain the same high levels of online presence without the fixed levels of cost. Outsourcing can allow you to reduce your running costs without compromising on what you get from your online marketing.

When you outsource your online marketing, you can respond to the changing demands of your marketing strategy without the implications of increasing or decreasing your staff. Outsourcing is the perfect way of expanding or reducing your online marketing output without long-term costs. When you outsource, you only pay for what you need now. This cuts down on the costly business of advertising, recruitment, and additional salaries. Outsourcing provides a flexible online marketing staff, with the same levels of service as your own staff, but without the continued commitment.

At present, in a financially weakened UK, over a billion pounds of outsourcing has been agreed for the near future. Under the current economic gloom, successful UK businesses know the time is right to outsource their non-core business operations. Model their practices and reap their rewards by outsourcing your online marketing to experts.

Of course, there are reasons that you may be reticent to outsource:

If you’re tech-savvy, it may seem pretty simple stuff. If you have IT staff already, you may task them to perform your Internet Marketing, because IT is what you pay them for. But Internet Marketing is not IT; it requires specialist experience and expertise.

In that case, you’re probably thinking your marketing people could handle it. But there’s a completely different skill and knowledge set associated with online marketing. Results online come from the application of up to date knowledge in the online marketing sector, if you want results, don’t leave your online marketing to amateurs.

Lastly, you may feel that you could just do it yourself. It’s not a stupid idea, but it could be costly. The time it takes you master AdWords, SEM, Search Engine Optimisation – the cost in time to write articles, update your blog, submit your articles, create web content, optimize your site, plus the costs associated with trial and error – it just makes sense to outsource. Get the best, for less.

Outsourcing your online or Internet marketing makes sense. Get all the value of a strong online presence combined with the flexibility to respond to fluctuations in demand. Get the service standards of excellence you require without the fixed costs.

Adrian Bold is Head of Search at Impact Media Ltd, a specialist in Search Engine Marketing. They offer an SEO Outsourcing Partner program for companies looking to develop an additional income stream by referring clients for their professional search marketing services.

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